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Yoga Class - Vanessa Veracruz & Mia Malkova

Mia Malkova rushes to Yoga class, apologizing to her instructor Vanessa Veracruz for being late. Vanessa tells Mia she didn't miss anything since their is no class today, but offers her a private lesson, because Mia came from so far, and since Vanessa has the time. Vanessa starts Mia off with a basic pose, having Mia extend her ripe-peach ass in the air, touching her hands all the way to her feet. Vanessa admires Mia's ass, and glides her hands all over her smooth body. After a few poses, Mia complains of a sore neck and Vanessa takes control, rubbing Mia's neck, but doesn't want to put oil all over her top. Vanessa suggests they make this into a naked yoga session. Mia feels comfortable enough to expose her boobs to another girl, as does Vanessa. Vanessa rubs Mia's back and neck, then slowly grabs onto Mia's natural boobs knowing this is what Mia wants. Mia and Vanessa exchange tender kisses. Vanessa is ready and eager to taste Mia's soft, supple pussy lips. Mia's eyes roll back in heavenly rapture, shaking from an intense orgasm. It's now Vanessa's turn to be pleased sexually, she spreads her legs wide apart, inviting Mia to tease the outside of her pussy lips making them nice and wet. Mia pushes her fingers deep inside Vanessa's pussy, for the ultimate and most sensual yoga class ever seen!

8 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Sean Tries Nuru - Nikki Knightly & Sean Michaels

Sean tries Nuru for the first time and is presently suprised - View gallery

5 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Clit Massage Lesson: BTS Featurette - Aspen Rae & DJ Darcie Dolce

Aspen Rae & DJ Darcie give a masterclass about sex & music

2 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Clit Massage Lesson - Aspen Rae & DJ Darcie Dolce

Aspen & DJ Darcie Dolce discover how to have outdoor orgasms - View gallery

1 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Clit Massage Lesson - Aspen Rae & DJ Darcie Dolce

Sex Therapist Aspen Rae arrives at her clients home, ready to transform Darcie Dolce's life forever. Aspen knocks on her clients door, but no one is answering and it's true, Darcie is in her backyard, tanning beside the pool. Aspen calls out to Darcie letting her presence be known, and in doing, startling Darcie who completely forgot that she had a appointment. They first work on some breathing exercises to let go of Darcie's anxiety. Aspen has Darcie lie down on the chair and proceeds by massaging her temples, having her concentrate on her hidden sexuality. Darcie's inhibitions drop, with all of Aspen's seductive body rubbing, and she begins to feel more relaxed and ready for Aspen's 'traditional' massage. With Darcie's body from head to toe covered in the sleek and sexy oil, she has Darcie turns around on her back, exposing her beautiful big natural boobs and her wet shaved pussy. Will Darcie find her inner Chi with Aspen's seductive lesbian techniques?

1 Feb 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Private Eye - Axel Aces & Mila Brite

Axel gets more than he bargained for when goes for a massage - View gallery

29 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Full Service Exchange: BTS Featurette - Mia Malkova & Alex Grey

Up close and personal with the "Full Service Exchange" girls

26 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Full Service Exchange - Mia Malkova & Alex Grey

Mia Malkova's been having a kind of rough and slow day. As an experienced masseuse she's very open to new experiences, and chance encounters. They say you make your luck when your heart is open to every opportunity. That is exactly how Mia and Alex live their lives, taking it by the reigns and making sure that they don't miss even one potential chance at what life has to offer. Alex shows up with her flyers for her new pole dancing classes. A big trend now, given that women are looking for new ways to embrace their bodies and get exercise at the same time. Mia shows her interest, and Alex suggests they exchange the class for a massage. Mia's 100% on board. When she shows up to Alex's place, she wasn't expecting what followed, though, anyone with her lesbian mindset can be pleasantly surprised when any lesbian experience happens. Alex lays her lap dance on Mia, showing her all the moves. Mia can hardly contain herself. She wonders what could happen next, but before you know it, all their tight clothing is peeled off and instead of a lesbian lap dance or a simple all girl massage they're sucking one another's breasts and forcing their soft lesbian bodies closer together all at the same time. When they find themselves hornier than they had expected, Mia lays Alex back on her leather chair to massage her little pink lesbian clit with her expert tongue. This full service exchange is not over yet, and before their thigh busting orgasms they show each other the true meaning of a full exchange, copying one another through every horny position, giving one another the lesbian exchange they were both hungry for from the moment they met.

25 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Masseuse For A Day - Kurt Lockwood & Karlee Grey

Karlee gives her husband Kurt his fantasy massage. - View gallery

22 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

The Foot Job: BTS Featurette - Ashley Fires & Riley Reid

Behind the scenes with Ashley Fires and Riley Reid

19 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

The Foot Job - Ashley Fires & Riley Reid

Ashley gives Riley a special pussy treatment and footjob - View gallery

18 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

The Foot Job - Ashley Fires & Riley Reid

When Riley Reid walked into the spa today, Ashley Fires was caught off guard, and never expected to meet Riley in this way. Ashley's been over loaded, all day long, so when Riley explains that because of her job as a caterer she's on her feet all day, Ashley insists that she work her magic on Riley's Feet. Ashley shows her eagerness to use her reflexology training and her acupressure techniques to help Riley relax. But Ashley has more on her mind. Ashley watched Riley undress, eager to see her beautiful feet. Soon Riley is in ecstasy, Ashley's foot job is making her feel like a whole new woman. one that could potentially rise to Ashley's sexual hunger, and together they can make their innermost lesbian desires come true. Ashley starts to rub Riley's feet on her nipples, stimulating herself. Soon Ashley climbs on the table in eagerness and uses Riley's feet to stimulate her own pussy. Ashley tells Riley to relax, even though she's clearly reluctant, but Riley eventually gives in knowing that Ashley is in control of her relaxation and committed to making it happen for her. Ashley dives face first into Riley's hairy pussy and takes what seems like moments to make poor Riley explode in ecstasy of her new lesbian experience.

18 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Cuckold P.O.V. - Eric Masterson & Tommy Gunn & Jillian Janson

Eric's buddy Tommy gets a nuru massage from his wife Jillian - View gallery

15 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Tantric Wives: BTS Featurette - Alison Tyler & Mercedes Carrera

Sagacious comments by two virtuous and beguiling tootsies

12 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Tantric Wives - Alison Tyler & Mercedes Carrera

Mercedes Carrera is at home making a wholesome breakfast for herself and her wife Alison Tyler. It's been months of the same bullshit situation with Alison always leaving to work on some business project, or not having time due to long hours and busy projects. Mercedes is left home alone to do all the housework and still try to find time for her wife, who until today hasn't given her the time she needs. Mercedes is on her last nerve with her relationship and calls for some advice. Her mentor suggests she look into tantric sexuality, and when she does, she can hardly believe her eyes. just the thought of tantric sex makes her so wet that she can't keep from masturbating right there in the dining room! She sets up the house for Alison when she gets home, showing how understanding she is, and allowing Alison a chance to relax and experience something totally life changing. Alison is peeled free from her clothes, and lied down on the floor for the massage Mercedes has planned. Mercedes takes her time adoring Alison's beautiful curves and her soft skin, before breaking out her new tricks and changing Alison's life in ways she will never forget.

11 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Tantric Wives - Alison Tyler & Mercedes Carrera

Two lesbian MILFS explore tantric sex with a sensual massage - View gallery

11 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Supportive Stepdad: Part Two - Eric Masterson & Keisha Grey

Keisha shows her step-uncle how a nuru massage really works - View gallery

8 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Seducing The Accountant: BTS Featurette - Chloe Amour & Aspen Rae

Amazing behind the scene clip with Aspen Rae & Chloe Amour.

5 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Seducing The Accountant - Chloe Amour & Aspen Rae

It's been a year since Chloe Amour has seen her accountant Aspen Rae and Chloe is so afraid she will end up paying taxes again. After hours of paperwork, Aspen comes back with the great news that Chloe is on top of things and will most likely get something back! Chloe is grateful for everything Aspen has done, and she offers her a free massage for all her hard work. Aspen removes her tight clothes, feeling the stress of the day. Chloe rubs her lower legs, feet and ass. Aspen's soft, sexy body is immersed in oil, Chloe's hands fondling up and down her boobs, enjoying the massage more than Chloe expected. Chloe proposes that Aspen can enjoy her massage to the full extent, by kissing one another and tasting each others hot wet pussies in delectable lesbian pleasures!

4 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

Seducing The Accountant - Chloe Amour & Aspen Rae

Aspen Rae and Chloe Amour have lesbian sex at the parlor. - View gallery

4 Jan 2016 | 12:00 am EST

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